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Issue date : January 20 of 2023

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2023 - 01 - Water hare
On January 22, 2023, we begin a new year marked by the influence of the Water Hare, placed under the sign of optimism.
Being the fourth Chinese sign after the Rat, the Buffalo, and the Tiger, the native of the hare has a clear vision and has a pleasant natural and easy to live, very appreciated by everyone.
Loving tranquility and peace, the hare will avoid all forms of conflict. The hare is diplomatic and often manages to keep his cool. Qualities that help him maintain strong and lasting relationships with those around him. These natives like to enjoy life full time and flee embarrassment. The hare is rather conservative, he will most often prefer to stay in his comfort zone.
The hare impresses with its presence and allure. He likes to choose his friends and loves to receive them at home. A house by the way, often decorated with taste and refinement.
In a relationship, the hare is a faithful companion, refined and always listening to his partner and his friends. The hare is rather romantic and tender but also very careful. The hare will prefer to be alone than badly accompanied. When the right person is found, then he is fully and sustainably engaged in the relationship. He also enjoys moments of joy and family sharing, having all the qualities of an affectionate parent, sometimes playful and teasing.
The hare is a fine negotiator and evolves quite easily in his career. Endowed with a good sense of analysis, the hare is fully invested in his work. He is sometimes accused of lacking initiatives but is given a great deal of confidence in his tasks.
He is appreciated for his seriousness and drive at work. He offers valuable advice to his colleagues and knows how to stay in his place. He rather chooses a risk-free profession, bringing him the much soughtafter comfort of life and evolves at his own pace within his company.
Fare Rata, the French Polynesia Post Office is pleased to wish you a happy New Year of the water

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