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Issue date : January 24 of 2020

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Chinese horoscope metal Rat 2020
The rat was the first animal to appear before the Buddha. To do so he had to use cunning and strategy in this race.
Thanks to his intellect, his intuition and his strong will, the native of the sign manages to solve all the problems successfully. It can deploy enough energy to deal with several situations simultaneously with agility and determination. He’s considered the perfectionist of the Chinese zodiac.
With a keen and cunning mind, he will often be lucky in the field of finance. With a lot of flair, he remains attentive and anticipatory, identifying every little detail because he does not like to be taken by surprise.
He knows how to show altruism, thus offering assistance to the close people he loves.
A keen observer of the world around him, he believes it is important to be honest and direct and expects the same from others.
To achieve his goal, he showed an imaginative spirit, but quickly won over by boredom he turned to new adventures. It remains in perpetual motion.
He’s ready to all carefree for a love one and hopes the same feelings in return. He likes to communicate with others, he knows how to make people feel comfortable.
The representatives of this sign are very eloquent, they easily defend their point of view and can sometimes be stubborn in their convictions. To do this, they also know how to use their charm to attract all attentions but this also hides a shy nature, sometimes even hesitant. It should also be noted that the metal element evokes dynamism and strong focus.
Let us bet that this new year offers us a new impetus that could open us up to new horizons. Fare Rata, the French Polynesia Post Office is pleased to offer you its best wishes for the Chinese New Year, Kung Hi Fat Choi!

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