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Services offered by the Philatelic Center of French Polynesia


Philatelits all over the world are entiled to get through the Philatelic Center of French polynesia - PAPEETE- TAHITI (Tel.(689) 40 48 90 06, Fax. (689) 40 45 25 86) all current postal stamps the list of which is enclosed herewith, and if they wish it, get the postmarks as stipulated in the text under the following conditions:


The list of current postal stamps on January 1st shows on two separate tables, the issues scheduled for the next year as well as withdrawals.
It is to be noted that the stamps withdrawn will not be supplied after the date of withdrawal.
On the first day of issuance of each postal stamp, the Offices put up for sale an illustrated envelope, obliterated with a special stamp "First Day".

Each correspondent, holder or non-holder of an account, who applied for his/her registration in the philatelic files run by a computer, will receive, for each issue scheduled, a philatelic memo on which th theme and the topics chosen as well as the characteristics of the stamps.


Any philatelits interested in the issues from Polynesia can receive postal stamps or philatelic documents issued in sending the payment along with the order or in asking for the opening of a philatelic account with the Head Of the Center; they will be able to provision this account progressively, but the minimum deposit has been fixed at ($44.43 - €41.90).
If they wish it, they can also give a permanent order for a determined number.

The orders must be adressed to the Head of the Philatelic Center of French Polynesia PAPEETE - and the figurines will always be sold to the facial value.

Upon express request, some post-marks as hereunder specified will be obtained. The payments must be enclosed with the order (except for permanent orders) and can be made with reply coupons or banknotes inserted into a registered letter, or a postal check (or banking check) to the order of the Head of the Philatelic Center of French Polynesia PAPEETE - CCP No 902 73 10.


The payments made in foreign curencies are accounted at the Exchange rate in force at the day of encasement.
Unless otherwise stipulated by the customer, the sums in excess are converted into new additional stamps enclosed with the order. The postal checks can be sent directly to the Center where the account is (do not forget to mention the necessary indications for the identification of the order, in the place reserved for correspondence).

The checks or banking ways of payment drawn on a bank which is not located in Papeete involve encasement costs and delays.

A Philatelic account can be opened in our books to stamp-collectors who apply for it in making a minimum deposit of ($44.43 - €41.90). The orders are debited on the account. An account statement is sent every time figurines are forwarded, and the stamp-collector must re-provision his account in due time. The holders of Philatelic accounts who have a permanent order receive the quantities ordered at each issue. It is useless for them to send us the order voucher which is attached to each Philatelic memo.


1) - Postal stamps ordered at the Philatelic Center: They can be post-marked at the stamp-collector's option

either with the post-mark at the ordinary date,
or with the post-mark dated "First Day" (only for the postal stamps belonging to the issue in question and ordered on this occasion).

2) - Postal stamps, letters, cards addressed to the Head of the Philatelic Center:

Isoled postal stamps, groups of stamps, full sheets, can be post-marked with the sign "Philatelic Center of French Polynesia".
Pre-paid cards, envelopes or documents destined to be sent back to stamp-collectors, undercovered or in an envelope can only be post-marked with the stamp "Philatelic Center of French Polynesia".
The objects which can be subject to a mechanical post-mark can bear the print of the PAPEETE RP post-mark machine provided that they bear the indelible mention Philatelic Correspondence" in the right-hand side.

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