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60th anniversary of inauguration of the Tahiti - Faaa airport 2021
It is from May 1958 that the work of embankment of part of the lagoon of Faa'a begins. Then, on October 16, 1960, the first commercial aircraft, a DC 7 from Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux (TAI) landed.

The costly commissioning of the Boeing 707 and DC 8 aircraft will require the alliance of major airlines to share operating costs. In France, such agreements are concluded between UTA, TAI and Air France. French government then thought of proposing
French airlines, for several years, the numerous and frequent return trips of its staff between the France and Tahiti.
The French government, pressed by the start of construction of the gigantic equipment of the future “Centre d'Expérimentation du Pacifique”, accelerates the procedures and the implementation of these modern and rapid transports of which the
Air Force is deprived.

It is then necessary and urgent to extend the track of Faa'a. The new segment will be buit from 1965 to 3416 meters in a record time. A first study flight (DC8-33 F-BIUZ from TAI) is conducted from Los Angeles. It was the first jet plane to land on Tahiti on March 5, 1961. It was on May 4, 1961, that the Faa'a runway was officially inaugurated by a real and first commercial
flight TAI, of a Douglas DC 8, registration F-BIUZ, between LAX - Honolulu -Tahiti and return.

During this period of work, the travelers are welcomed on the Tahiri island, a temporary reception and boarding section. With the arrival of the Jet, too big to be maneuvered on the motu, the landings and embarkations will be mountain side on a first parking lot of the future terminal. Then a bus, at arrivals and departures, had to transport the passengers on the island to carry out the formalities and then return by the coast of Faa'a. The airport terminal and the car parks on the mountain side will not be inaugurated until 1964.

Fare Rata, the French Polynesia Post Office is pleased to commemorate the inauguration of the Tahiti Faa'a airport, which was the first step towards opening our country to the great changes in our society.

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