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FDC 80 th anniversary of the battle of Bir Hakeim
Eighty years ago, the Pacific Battalion made history at Bir Hakeim in Libya. The Tahitians of the expeditionary force left Tahiti on April 21, 1941, by their heroism and the blood shed will make with their New Caledonian brothers of arms the glory of their unity and that of the reborn France.
The Tamari'i Volunteers were trained in the desert war to occupy in February 1942 the position of
Bir Hakeim, under the high command of General Koënig. On 26 May 1942, the Italian-German forces
went on the offensive. The chicane defended by the Pacific battalion is mainly targeted but the Italian tanks are arrested.
The siege of Bir Hakeim lasted until June 9, 1942, under the relentless attacks of German pioneers and the relentless bombardment of German artillery and aviation. The position of the Tahitians who hold the chicane that allows to get out of the minefields protecting the position of Bir Hakeim remains the main objective of Rommel. But the Pacific Battalion stood up to him. Their leader, Colonel Félix Broche, was killed by a shrapnel. The Tamari'i Volunteers also pay a heavy toll of blood in the latest assaults against them.
The evacuation order is finally given. Through the chicane held by the Tahitians, the 1st Free French Brigade escaped with great force from Bir Hakeim, on the night of June 10. A barrage of German cannons and machine guns forbade them to pass. To protect ambulances and trucks loaded with wounded, the Brenn carriers load them to crush everything that stands in their way. The charge of the Brenn carriers, the cavalry of the division, remains one of the most heroic pages of the battle of Bir Hakeim.

Fare Rata, the Polynesian Post Office, wanted to highlight this powerful exit and the burden of the
Brenn carriers with an illustration by renowned graphic designer Jean-Louis Saquet, who
unfortunately left us in 2021. This illustration was commissioned by Jean-Christophe Shigetomi,
author of the cult book Tamari'i Volunteers, who by making it available to Fare Rata wished to pay a last tribute to our friend and collaborator of his opus on the Tahitians in the wars.

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