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Ancient actions
The bearer shares have always provided the owner with a hope of realizing a surplus-value by later yielding it, such as the gold rush in the stock market.
Unlike registered shares, the term bearer share means that the identity of the owner is not known. This title confers the advantage of being able to exchange them very quickly by an accounting writing. It is this type of shares that Fare Rata highlights through this issue of 2 stamps.
For the first stamp, we are happy to reconnect with the story of the national hero of Czechoslovak independence, General Milan ŠTEFÁNIK. Indeed, following his stay in Polynesia, ŠTEFÁNIK extolled to his compatriots the beauty and fertility of our Islands, especially those of the Marquesas islands where he intended to live. Unfortunately ŠTEFÁNIK was killed in aircrash on the approach to the Bratislava airfield. But this did not stopped the creation in March 1926 of the French-Czechoslovak Oceanian Islands Society, which took over a concession of 930 hectares on the island of Nuku-Hiva. And so in 1927, a dozen Czechoslovakians settled in the Marquesas to found the great known families of this archipelago.
The second stamp traces the history of the Agricultural Society of Mopélia which was created in 1922 with a capital fixed at 3.250.000F divided into 13.000 shares of 250 Francs. The purpose of the Company was to exploit the coconut copra oil from the islands of Scilly, Mopelia and Bellinghausen. However, the financial experts had called the operation a "bad joke" because these 3 islands lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, without a regular relationship with any inhabited land, could not claim production or remuneration. Only an unwise enthusiasm for exotic bearer shares could attract investors. In 1928 the Agricultural Society of Mopélia merged with the Compagnie Française de Tahiti, whose bearer share was the subject of another philatelic issue in 2013.
Through these ancient action, Fare Rata, the post office of Polynesia invites you to follow the traces of Polynesian history.

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