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Imges of islands 2021
September 27, 2021 marks World Tourism Day. The invitation is perfect to discover three authentic islands where the lifestyle of their inhabitants preserves their environment of mass tourism.

Close to Bora Bora, Maupiti is a small island (11 km²) of the Leeward Islands of the Society Archipelago, located 315 km from Tahiti. Kept away from major tourist circuits, only a few boarding houses welcome travelers who come to seek authenticity, traditions and a Polynesian way of life. Small jewel preserved, the island is surrounded by a large lagoon with a series of motu on which are grown watermelons and melons. But what makes its charm, is obviously its population that has voluntarily remained far from the effervescence of the neighboring islands.

Mangareva is the main island of the Gambier archipelago whose capital, Rikitea, is more than 3h40 flight from Tahiti. Considered the cradle of Catholicism, the missionaries of Picpus built numerous religious buildings including the magnificent Cathedral of St.Michael of Rikitea with its altar adorned with pearls, mother-of-pearl, corals and shells. By its isolation, Mangareva offers another face of Polynesia with a population close to traditions, possessing myths and legends still alive that infuse a mixture of bliss and scenery.

Fakarava is an atoll of the Tuamotu archipelago, classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO with 6 other nearby atolls. With the second largest lagoon in French Polynesia, its lagoon enchants scuba diving lovers from all over the world with its beauty and diversity mixing infinitely small corals with shimmering colors, with gigantic “walls” of sharks under the gaze of schools of multicoloured fish. The main village is Rotoava. But in the past, it was south of the atoll that the ancient village of Tetamanu was located, including its coral church, which was one of the first Catholic churches in French Polynesia in 1874. Today Tetamanu is known for its impressive lagoon pass and its pink sandy beach.

Fare Rata, Polynesia Post Office, invites you to this stroll full of lightness and escape

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