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FDC Heiva i Tahiti 2022
As every year, we dedicate a philatelic issue highlighting the largest Polynesian traditional dance festival, the Heiva i Tahiti.

We have chosen to present to you two great figures of this prestigious event: Coco HOTAHOTA and Louise KIMITETE. Coco HOTAHOTA was born in Moorea in 1941 and left us in 2020 in Pirae. He is recognized as the pillar of the ‘Ori Tahiti in Polynesia. He founded his dance group Temaeva in 1962. The oldest group in operation and among the most award-winning at Heiva i Tahiti.
He liked to say that the source of his inspiration and his work comes from our heritage. He carried out a huge amount of research and meetings with the elders, in order to prepare his themes and choreographies.
His great pride was the transmission to the new generations the desire to go on stage, in order to express and share their culture.

Louise KIMITETE was born in Hatihe'u (Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands). At the age of 16, she get started on traditional dance and joined two mythical groups: “ARIOI” by Mémé de Montluc, and “HEIVA” by Madeleine Moua.

In Hawaii, she will deepen her knowledge of the Hula before returning to the roots in Tahiti to join the team of Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia. She then became “Mamie Louise” for all the generations of students she would train, from Polynesia and elsewhere. She has also choreographed many shows of the Heiva i Tahiti and wrote sublime songs.

Fare Rata, the French Polynesian Post Office is proud to commemorate these passionate and pugnacious characters who knew how to wear the colors of our Fenua and highlight all the richness of our cultural heritage, in a desire for love and sharing.

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