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22-08 Scented stamps : Lemon
Lime is the product of a robust shrub about two meters tall. Its growth is slow and requires regular maintenance. Its persistent dark green foliage gives off a sweet scent when rubbing its leaves.
Its many small white flowers and very fragrant, turn into small lemons of dark green color with a very juicy and acid pulp. It should be noted that the smaller the fruit, the more acidic it is. But be careful some lemon tree species have thorns. The most popular lemons come from the Marquesas archipelago.

It seems that our lemons come from Asia or even from the Himalayas and transported by the many ships for its vitamin C intake (against scurvy). But an older species arrived with the first Polynesians would have been decimated by imported diseases, especially the tristeza.
Very popular in Polynesian cuisine, especially the famous “Poisson cru” (raw fish) or in a good family lemonade, it brings a little perfume to many dishes, desserts and cocktails. It is also recognized in traditional medicine and recently, lemon juice with ginger and curcuma (rea tahiti) made success for its revitalizing properties. It is therefore common to find lemon trees in almost all properties in Tahiti as well as in the Marquesas and Southern islands, but more rarely in the coral islands.

The lemon tree appreciates rich and aerated soils, preferring sand rather than clay soils. Drainage of the land is an important point to avoid stagnation.However, regular watering is necessary. A training cut should be made on young trees and an annual maintenance cut on adult trees. The maintenance pruning allows to aerate the tree and to remove the dry branches, too greedy and those located under the grafting bridge. Finally, given the tropical climate of our islands, the proliferation of diseases and other insect pests requires increased vigilance so as not to lose a crop or even the entire plantation. It should be noted that more and more farmers in Polynesia have turned to an organic crop.

We are now sure to be sufficiently experienced to harvest and appreciate this fruit under various uses and especially to appreciate the scent of which Fare Rata, the French Polynesia Post Office, offers you a sample through this scented stamp.

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