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 TAPUTAPUÂTEA registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site
  Issue : décembre 14 of 2018
  Printing : Offset
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : DPP OPT 2018
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Taputapuātea which has been registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2017, is a cultural landscapeland and sea of 2,124 ha with a buffer zone
of 3,363 ha. It is located on the island of Ra'iātea, in the center of the "Polynesian Triangle". At the heart of the site, on the Matahiraitera'i peninsula, is the Tahua-marae Taputapuātea, political, cultural, ceremonial center, funerary and religious. It has the shape of paved courtyards quadrilateral with a
rectangular platform exhaled at one end, called ahu.
These marae perform many functions and participate of a strong ritual symbolism.
Registration Criteria
• Taputapuātea is an outstanding example 1,000 years of civilization mā'ohi with a diversity of archaeological sites in high valleys. It reflects a socio-politicocultural organization of communities of knowledge, know-how, techniques, living within lands (I Uta), and those of warriors, priests, practitioners, artists and chefs established on the coast (I Tai). It also testifies to the competence of this people, crossing long distances aboard large dugout canoes, thanks to the
observation of natural phenomena.
• Taputapuātea offers prominent examples of marae open temples whose last periods of construction are dated between 14th and 18th centuries. Sacred spaces
between the world of the living, that of the ancestors and that of deities, their monumental form reflects the power and the sacred prestige of Ari'i or chiefs.
Tahua-marae Taputapuātea-i-Ōpōa is the example of the alliance capital formed by his governances of chiefs and the cults associated with them, stones of
the great marae being transported to other islands to found other marae Taputapuātea.
• As ancestral home of civilization Polynesian, Taputapuātea is important, exceptional because it symbolizes the origin of Polynesians, links them to
their ancestors and expresses their spirituality and cultural identity. This knowledge always perpetuated, shared and transmitted are inscribed in this scenery
and in the marae for the central roles they once played.
FARE RATA, the Polynesian Post Office wishes to thank the service of Culture and Heritage of French Polynesia for its expertise and its active participation
in the preparation of this philatelic issue (providing photographs, illustrations and texts) dedicated to the site cultural heritage of Taputapuātea.

Taputapuatea registered as UNESCO world heritage site
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