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 Chinese astrology : The earth Pig
  Issue : février 05 of 2019
  Printing : Sérigraphie
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2019
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The pig is the last sign of the zodiac, it closes
the cycle of the Chinese horoscope. In fact,
at the end of the race, the pig presents himself
before Buddha with full belly, after having eaten
everything he found on his way. This illustrates his
appetite to taste the pleasures of life.
Thoughtful, it cares about the well-being of the
family. He is capable of great sacrifices for his
friends, and his friendships are rich, spontaneous
and lasting.
The pig is discreet and shy and often naive,
defenseless. One tends to abuse his naïveté.
Intolerance, injustice and bad faith exasperate
him, but he is tolerant to the bad faith of his
adversaries, completely disarming him, which will
often be harmful to him.
The pig is a joyful companion in society. And he
will often be loved by many, in his sentimental life.
Very conscientious and worker, the pig can do all
kind of jobs. Sensitive and imaginative, he oriented
himself towards Art, like poetry or fine painting.
The pig is greedy to know and has a great thirst
for knowledge.
Under its gentle attitude, the pig hides much will
and even authority. He has a lot of rigour and
rarely accepts compromise.
The character of the pig is quite vivid and it would
carry away easily but generally prefers to give in,
but once its goal is set, nothing can stop it. He’ll
be able to draw formidable inner strength. He will
be given a variety of tasks and money without a
lot of effort.
He loves money, although he defends it,
accumulates and saves, or spend all on a whim:
for him, beauty has no price.
The pig promises a light and colorful year, while
remaining reasonable in order to make the
pleasure last. Success must be well managed to
avoid any setbacks.
FARE RATA, the Post Office of French Polynesia
wishes you, on the occasion of this philatelic
issue, a very good year of the pig of earth.

Chinese astrology : The earth Pig
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Sheet chinese astrology : The earth Pig
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