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 Miss Tahiti Stamp Booklet 1968 - 1978 - 1988 - 2008 - 2018
  Issue : juin 07 of 2019
  Printing : Offset autocollant
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2019

This booklet of 6 stamps is the fourth dedicated to the Miss Tahiti, real institution in French Polynesia, for more than 50 years. It presents 6 Miss Tahiti going back in time over 5 decades from Vaimalama CHAVES, beautiful Miss tahiti 2018, and sublime Miss France 2019.
We no longer present our Vaimalama which makes us proud and delights us at each of its appearances as well on television as in the press, the web and social networks. She is also the face of the calendar of philately in Tahiti 2019 since we find her there on the cover, and is a bit part of the family of the OPT group because her dad works there.
Ten years earlier, Hinatea BOOSIE, a psychology student, was elected Miss Tahiti 2008 at an election night dedicated to the Bounty epic. She then won the prize of the brilliance in the election of Miss France 2009. Today, Hinatea has launched a brand of leather goods and clothing that is very successful in Polynesia and elsewhere.
In 1998, it is Mareva GALANTER, Miss Tahiti 1998 that makes the heart beat of the Polynesians by winning the title of Miss France 1999. She then had a brilliant career as an animator on metropolitan television channels, then a career as a singer with concerts in France, but also in the USA or Russia. She is part of the association «Les bonnes fées» with 14 other Miss France, who help women and children in difficulty and she is still the pride of all Polynesians.
Ten years earlier, Teumere PATER, radiant Miss Tahiti 1988, won the 2nd Dauphine title of Miss France 1989.
She returned to Tahiti and joined the OPT teams where she was much appreciated by her colleagues at the Centre des Chèques Postal. She died accidentally on June 2, 1993.
Moeata SCHMOUKER, Miss Tahiti 1978 is elected to the Tahiti Hotel on July 1, 1978. She participated on December 28, 1978 at the Hotel Nikko in Paris in the election of Miss France 1979. The beauty then becomes discreet and passionate about her profession as a teacher.
Viola TERIITAHI, Miss Tahiti 1968 is elected on July 8, 1968 at the Hotel Matavai. She also participated in the election of Miss International 1968 in Tokyo in October of the same year. She then pursued a successful career in education.

Carnet Miss Tahiti
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