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 Stamp scent: the melon
  Issue : juin 07 of 2019
  Printing : Offset senteur
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2019
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The islands of French Polynesia from volcanic activity in the middle of the South Pacific have been isolated from all continents. It was during the various migratory waves of the Polynesians and then of the Europeans that most of the vegetation and fruits present throughout the territory were introduced.
The Polynesians from Asia, carried on their boats plants characteristic of their region, while other species harvested all over the world sailed with Europeans and were able to acclimatize successfully to our latitudes.
Among all these fruits we have chosen to highlight this year, the melon. The varieties recommended for cultivation in French Polynesia are cantaloupe or embroidered. The melon is usually grown on motus (small islets) such as watermelons, also known as watermelons. Moreover, many motu of the coral belt of the island of Huahine or Maupiti are dedicated to its culture.
Of the cucurbitaceae family, the melon (or Mereni Papaa en Reo Tahiti) is a grassy plant with creeping stems widely cultivated as a vegetable plant for its false eatable fruit. The melon that brings the touch of freshness to a meal is eaten raw as an aperitif, as well as for dessert. The melon is low-calorie (50 kcal/100g), it is rich in sugar, provitamin A and vitamin C.
The visual of this philatelic program was produced in collaboration with the Swedish artist Martin MORCK, specialized in the illustration and engraving of postage stamps in several European countries including France. He is also a reference artist in the field of soft pruning in mainland China.
Fare rata, the French Polynesia Post, is proud to present this scent stamp that will make you travel and bring you the exotic note of our islands… to breathe without moderation…

Stamp scent: the melon
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