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 « Paru », polynesian Deep-sea fish
  Issue : octobre 18 of 2019
  Printing : Sérigraphie
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2019
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Paru, which means fish in paumotu language, is the
generic Tahitian term for a deep-sea fish, that is, a fish that lives permanently at a depth greater than 100 meters.

With the exception of some species fished ancestrally in French Polynesia, and which have simple names such as ‘uravena, mana, hapu'u reru, or which can also live in shallow depths (ruhi, ha'amea, rari, etc.), the vast majority of Paru fish, which did not have a vernacular name, inherited mix names, attributed by similarity to lagoon fish, in relation to their shape, colour or livery.

Thus, the two main families consisting of lutjanidae (snappers) and serranidae (lochs), have names composed from lagoon species of these same
families (Paru ‘utu, paru ta'ape, paru ho'a, paru
‘upaparu , etc.).

On the other hand, and although they are not of the same family at all, it is the colour that prevailed to name the paru 'î'ihi, which is red as a 'î'ihi lagoon.

It is generally considered that the real paru are those living near the seabed (demersal fish), but some species of pelagic depth (living in open sea) have also been called paru, such as paru mahimahi, paru ‘uravena, paru papio, etc.).

There are about forty species of paru that are relatively common in French Polynesia and that are
consumed, but there are many more that have been recorded and many more are yet to be discovered.
Living in deepwater where the water is colder, the
paru have a long life and are very rarely toxic, but in return, they have a slow growth and a late sexual maturity, which makes them more sensitive to fishing than other fish.

Their scarcity, the difficulty in fishing them and their excellent quality, justify their high price in the market.

The Polynesian post office « Fare Rata » proposes you to discover some of the most emblematic ones: the paru 'Uravena very appreciated by the inhabitants of the Australes, the paru nohu considered one of the best and the paru 'î'ihi excellent and common, but also on the minisheet the paru mâene and the paru 'utu.

« Paru », polynesian deep-sea fish
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« Paru », polynesian deep-sea fish
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« Paru », polynesian deep-sea fish
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