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 22-05 Miss Tahiti Booklet 2022 Edition
  Issue : juin 02 of 2022
  Printing : Offset autocollant
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2022

The 2022 booklet edition dedicated to Miss Tahiti, presents 7 Miss Tahiti going back in time over 7 decades from Tahia PIEHI, magnificent Miss Tahiti 1961 to Tumateata BUISSON sublime miss Tahiti 2021.
■ In 1961, Tahia PIEHI married FULLER won the title of Miss Tahiti. She immediately left for California, for the Miss International pageant in Long Beach and was elected Miss Popularity. She then began a brilliant career at the Post and Telecommunications Office of French Polynesia where she brought her dynamism, while actively participating in cultural activities related to Tahitian dance.
■ In 1971, the charming Jeanne BURNS became Miss Tahiti in the great hall of the Tahara’a hotel. She then won the title of 1st runner-up of Miss France 1972. Passionate about Tahitian dance, in 1979 she moved to France where she toured with Gilles HOLLANDE's ʻGrands Balletsʼ troupe. She made her entire career in the dance world, performing at L'éléphant Bleu then giving 'Ori Tahiti lessons in France from 1986. She succumbed to a heart attack on the night of March 28 to 29, 2008, at the age of 54.
■ At the age of 22, Maimiti KINNANDER became Miss Tahiti 1981. She then participated in the Miss International elections in Tokyo, Miss World in London, and Miss France. Out of a taste for her culture, she joins the mythical dance group Temaeva, which allows her to travel around the world. Italy brings her more confidence thanks to fashion and modeling. She worked for a long time in Polynesian tourism and then at the Te Fare Tauhiti Nui cultural centre. In 1999, it is the great return to the source in Huahine, where she lives happily on her agricultural and ancestral land.
■ In 1991 the Miss Tahiti election took place again at the Hotel TAHITI. Hina SARCIAUX, originally from the island of Raiatea, obtains the title and will succeed Mareva GEORGES, Miss France 1991. Anxious to continue her studies, she will then leave for the United States. Upon her return, she began a brilliant career as a flight crew, within a local airline.
■ Ravanui TERIITAUMIHAU, 18 years old, born in Papeete, was elected Miss Tahiti 2001. As law student at the University of Polynesia, the young girl had never been on a stage and found herself on To'ata Square was a real challenge. She is now a brilliant businesswoman in the field of fashion and events.
■ After obtaining the title of Miss Arue, Rauata TEMAURI was elected Miss Tahiti in 2011. Rauata then embarked on a career as a teacher. Dynamic and sporty, she occupies the highest steps of the podium as champion of bikini fitness and cross fit.
■ After a blank year linked to the health context, the prestigious election of Miss Tahiti 2021 was held on Friday June 25, 2021 in the gardens of the town hall of Papeete, and it was Tumateata BUISSON, 24, who won the crown and the Miss Tahiti scarf. Very steeped in her culture, she has been practicing Tahitian dance since the age of 5. After obtaining a professional license in the field of marketing and social networks, the young woman became a communications officer within the GIE TAHITI TOURISME. In December 2021, she obtained the title of 3rd runner-up of Miss France 2022.

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Miss Tahiti Booklet 2022 Edition
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