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 Humor: The ´PÂuma´ or kite
  Issue : mai 25 of 2018
  Printing : Offset autocollant
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : DPP 2018
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The "Pâuma" or kite rocked the childhood of each of us.

Which one did not jump of joy in the view of a kite getting into the air, and hoping to have a chance that this one goes as high as possible? A holidays memory, everyone fusses to hand makes with a quite particular care from paper, thread, veins of niau (leaf of coconut palm), assembled with a little glue.

Pâuma made in a group and shared with his brothers, sisters, cousins or friends of the
neighborhood. And here we are all the eyes looking in the blue of the sky, the smiles and the roars of laughter or tears when the pâuma grave on the ground. Following the southeast wind, float our pauna, getting hours of game.

They are the fruit of an ancestral heritage, of this time when the pâuma races of ancient Polynesians were the object of incantations and singings. The competition was followed by a big feast " tâmâ'ara'a " (banquet) for all people and the biggest part of food returned to the winner. The Chinese tradition well anchored in Polynesian society also made its contribution to techniques and to esthetics of our kites of today.

Let us recall however that this leisure requires a certain vigilance of the parents, besides the
awareness made in schools, because of the risks bound to our air electric cables.

Good thing for our children, pâuma still means great party, enjoyment and frank camaraderie
whether that they would practice on a beach of Rurutu island, a soccer stadium in Tahiti or a motu in Huahine island.

The Polynesian Post office, through this issue dedicated to humour, suggests you come back in
childhood, through a lot of laughing fun and goodhumored.

Humor : The ´Pauma´ or Kite
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