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 Mythical Tahara´a hotel
  Issue : octobre 23 of 2020
  Printing : Offset
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2020
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Polynesia, which is synonymous with the absolute dream for millions of travellers, flourished only with the commissioning of Tahiti Faa'a Airport in 1960. It was then that the number of tourists rapidly increased from 1,472 in 1959 to 8,563 in 1961, reaching nearly 80,000 in the early 1970s.

Many tourist complexes are being built and see the architectural emergence of some mythical hotels that will make the charm and fame of our islands. Fare Rata approaches this theme with the mythical
“Tahara'a Hotel”.

Located at the top of the tip of Tahara'a point (720 m), the viewpoint offers a superb panorama with in the distance the capital Papeete and the island of Moorea. This is the natural boundary between the municipalities of Arue and Mahina. The tip of
Tahara'a is the result of successive eruptions of a secondary volcano of Tahiti. Due to its geographical location, the place overlooking the bay of Matavai, was the privileged theatre at the time of the arrival of the first explorers like James Cook who had nicknamed the cliff “One Tree Hill”, because being open and devoid of high vegetation, There was only
one tree.

It was with the construction of the hotel in 1967, that the space was redeveloped incorporating a magnificent park. Built on the mountainside, the ground floor is at the top of the hill and down below the twelfth floor, where there was a “marae”. The hotel has a special atmosphere drawn from the typically Polynesian mysteries, but also enigmatic with supposed apparitions of a white lady wandering near the beach…

It was also the rendezvous of an entire population, celebrating weddings, memorable bringues, sipping a cocktail facing the superb view offering an enchanting setting. The park also offers families a resort around its swimming pool and water slide.
Unfortunately the hotel will close its doors in 1998.

Fare Rata, the Polynesian Post Office, brings to life through this stamp, the memory and nostalgia of good old times.

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Mythical Tahara´a hotel
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