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 22-02 Chinese horoscope 2022: The water tiger
  Issue : février 01 of 2022
  Printing : Sérigraphie
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2022
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On February 1st, 2022, we enter a new year marked by the influence of the Water Tiger.
The natives of the Tiger never go unnoticed and when they enter a room, their interlocutors are often disconcerted by their paces.
He is skillful, lively and needs to move and experience new things. He works with instinct and passion. Sometimes too impulsive, he lacks of caution but does not fear failure and does not give up anything because he knows how to bounce or land on his feet.
The tiger does not act out of the lure of gain but loves extraordinary challenges involving extraordinary people. He aspires to a certain independence. To achieve this, he needs to acquire the means to do so, and often finds it difficult to depend on a hierarchy, further more, follow orders. Possessing a strength of character, it is always good to caress him in the direction of the hair without which he gets his claws out.
Thanks to his sensitivity, he is able to feel people and anticipate events, but this makes him a ʺskinned from lifeʺ. This sensitivity can also lead to uncontrollable anger, but short durations. Honest and generous, the tiger is trustworthy.
Living with a tiger, provides unforgettable moments, of great intensity, it is necessary in return to surprise him by bringing a touch of eccentricity. But living only out of consuming passion, his emotional journey remains complex. The tiger is also a protector and knows how to be a good father. But we must keep in mind that the tiger is an indomitable animal.
The charismatic tiger shows a beautiful spirit of persuasion allowing him to achieve extraordinary goals and to go to the end of his projects, but he will have to be careful not to burn the steps and preserve his health capital. Concentration and organization will be necessary.

The tiger compels the admiration of his friends and family, and sharing the path of a tiger leaves indelible traces.

Fare Rata, the French Polynesia Post office is happy to share with everyone, this new year of the water tiger hoping for love and prosperity to each one of us.

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Horoscop Tiger 2022
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Sheet Horoscope Tiger 2022
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