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 22-03 International women´s rights day
  Issue : mars 08 of 2022
  Printing : Offset
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2022
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Beyond the cliché of Polynesian woman under coconut trees, women in Polynesia are a key element in the evolution of our society.

Our first 20 F.CFP stamp could make the front page of a fashion magazine, but make no mistake, this young woman from our remote islands is a formidable underwater spearfishing hunter.
The spearfishing (Tautai pupuhi) widespread in Polynesia, allowed Polynesians to make themselves known on the international scene, such as the legendary world champion Jean TAPU or more recently the postman Steeve TETUANUI, also international medalist.
But the underwater hunt for our young naiad is above all a way of life, typical of our islands in a concern for sharing and conviviality peculiar to the Polynesians.

The 130 F.CFP stamp is an example of the beauty of the mother-daughter relationship and openness to each other, in a world where traditional Polynesian dance rubs shoulders with western classical dance. The 'ori tahiti (Tahitian dance) is probably the most common artistic and cultural activity in Tahiti. It also has tens of thousands of students worldwide.
The 'ori tahiti is composed of different types of choreography ('ōte'a, 'aparima, hivināu, pā'ō'ā, pāta'uta'u) requiring a family of gestures intimately related to songs and ancestral percussions.
Physical technique requires many years of learning, especially for women, whose every part of the body is put to the test.
The women of Polynesia continue to bring this ancestral art to life, even though their daily lives have been greatly disrupted by our modern society and it is necessary to organize in order to live one’s passion.
They fully assume their role as mothers and have at heart to transmit to their children the taste of the 'ori tahiti whose foundations are drawn from their hīro'a Tumu (heritage).

Through this philatelic issue, Fare Rata, the French Polynesia Post Office pays tribute to the Polynesian woman in her role of transmitting and preserving traditions in a society in constant evolution.

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International women´s rights day - dancer
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International women´s rights day - underwater spearfishing hunter
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International women´s rights day - serie
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