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 2023 - 02 - FIFO’s 20th anniversary
  Issue : février 07 of 2023
  Printing : Offset
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA 2023
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Created in 2004, the FIFO (International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival) aims to promote Oceania and make it visible through documentary films. In the context of globalization, its ambition is to make the voice of the peoples and cultures of South Pacific heard beyond its coasts and to make it heard in Oceania, of course, but also in the media. Finally, it aims to promote Oceanian cinema and filmmakers on screens around the world.
The second cultural event in Polynesia after HEIVA festival, FIFO is also a pillar in the development of the audiovisual industry in Oceania. An essential professional meeting in the South Pacific, it brings together directors and producers, technicians and television channels, representatives of foreign festivals and distributors around a common cause: South Pacific cinema.
Thanks to the magic of the Internet, FIFO has become digital since the February 2020 edition and now allows films screened at the festival to be viewed remotely. However, it does not replace the human connection, friendliness and authenticity of a unique festival, when the films are shown on the website of the “maison de la culture”.
10 to 15 films are selected in the category Films in competition, they reflect both the great diversity of Oceania but also the technical quality of film productions in the region.
The Films out of Competition presented are a selection of about fifteen complementary films that can bring a new light, or even a new approach in the way of approaching the problems of the Pacific.
Finally, twenty short documentary and fiction films complete this anthology.
The «FIFO in the islands» then takes over through free public projections to the Polynesian population in the 5 archipelagos. FIFO has also made emulations in the Amazon-Caribbean area with the creation of FIFAC in Guyana, and FIFOI in Reunion Island.
The OPT group has been accompanying FIFO’s Oceanic Odyssey since the beginning, through a journey rich in meetings and sharing around audiovisual creation. Over the years, Tahiti has become the capital of Pacific documentaries, where oceanians meet and reveal themselves to the world. Fare Rata is honoured to be part of this outreach with this stamp celebrating FIFO’s 20th anniversary.

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2023 - 02 - FIFO’s 20th anniversary
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