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 2023 - 03 - International Women’s Day
  Issue : mars 08 of 2023
  Printing : Offset
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : FARE RATA
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International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, FARE RATA issues a stamp featuring the three stars of women’s soccer in French Polynesia, the «Vahine Ura».

Following the partnership of FARE RATA with the women’s section of the FTF – Tahitian football federation – launched in January 2022, the Polynesia Post Office is committed to the inclusion of women through sport in French Polynesia.

Why is FARE RATA involved in women’s soccer?
Sport, in general, and its media coverage, contribute to the evolution of attitudes that actively contribute to gender equality. Soccer, because of its universality, when played at a high level by women, perfectly illustrates their technical and tactical skills, their commitment to collective performance … equally to men !
Women in sport become inspiring examples.
Fare Rata, for its part, as the first hyper-proximity network in French Polynesia with its 85 Post offices covering the 5 archipelagos, and employing a majority of women, has the purpose to connect people to each other, all the women and men of Fenua without distinction of gender, through its services delivered to the whole population.

Under the leadership of its Director, Bruno Arbonel, Fare Rata and the Tahitian Football Federation, represented by its President Thierry Ariiotima, signed a partnership in December 2021, to support the development of women’s soccer, for all age categories and all clubs involved in the soccer championships, without of course omitting the selection of «Vahine Ura».

The FTF: a federation that invests in women’s soccer in French Polynesia.

The FTF, the Tahitian football federation, has nearly 20,000 licencees, rewarding the efforts of members of its federal bureau, all these executives and all the volunteers. Let us recall that FTF was founded in July 1989, under the impulse of the emblematic figure, Mr Napoleon Spitz. It is affiliated to FIFA and member of the OFC since 1990. This discipline reaches the sport star, thanks in particular to the emergence of the Futsal and Beach soccer which the «Tiki Toa» team climbed the steps of the world cup.

The women’s section, represented by the selection of the Vahine Ura, was able to win and forge an image of leading women notably during the OFC women’s nations cup in 2022, where it ranks in the quarter-final and offers them the opportunity to prepare in Europe where they faced Luxembourg and Andorra.

A team like its captain Gwendoline Fournier, committed to the values of sharing, resilience and dedication that makes her an example for all these players. This tenacity that brought these players to the highest level of international careers in the United States or Europe, such as Camille André who now plays at RC Strasbourg, or Kiani Wong at RC Lens, ambassador of OFC Women’s soccer in Tahiti, which was selected in Germany and Wales.
Our Vahine Ura will soon be the headliner of the 2024 World Cup, as the subject of a FIFA TV documentary.

Through this philatelic issue dedicated to women’s soccer, Fare Rata, the French Polynesian Post Office wishes to promote the efforts of the FTF and all players, encouraging women’s leadership and equal opportunities in our Polynesian society, through the practice of sport in general, and women’s soccer in particular.

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2023 - 03 - International Women’s Day
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2023 - 03 - International Women’s Day
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