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100th anniversary of the Central school
100th anniversary of the Ecole Centrale at the Lycée Paul Gauguin (a senior high school). A decree dated January 16th, 1901 created a Primary Schoolmaster Training and Professional School at PAPEETE (Ecole d'Enseignement Primaire Supérieur et Professionnel) (see Gazette of Etablissements Français d'Océanie, French Dependencies in Oceania, dated January 24th, 1901, pursuant to the decrees and statutory orders as of January 18th, 1887 connecting with the Primary Schoolmaster Training Schools in metropolitan France and the Decree dated September 17th 1898 relating to the Certificat d'Etudes Primaires et Supérieures (Primary and Superior General Education Certificate).

Thus, one hundred years ago, a school was born which is today named the Lycée Paul Gauguin. The following chronology shows the evolution process this institution underwent ever since:

The 1901 decree was abrogated on June 8th 1905 with the result that the Papeete's Primary Schoolmaster Training School was replaced by a central school of the Etablissements français de l'Océanie which included a primary school and a schoolmaster training centre; in 1923 a nursery school was added; it was the first nursery school ever existing in Tahiti; the Ecole Centrale was located in the same premises as the Ecole Primaire Supérieure, these premises being situated as early as 1902 on the grounds now occupied by the today's Lycée Gauguin.
Aftet World War II, the Ecole Centrale became a complementary school (at a time when there were only senior high schools in the French educational public system) and a professional training centre.
On August 10th 1953, pursuant to a decree signed by the Secrétaire d'Etat à la France d'Outre-Mer (French Secretary of State to the Overseas Dependencies), the institution became the Collège moderne "Paul Gauguin" (a junior secondary school).
However, despite the variety of the curricula (primary, technical, secondary education), despite the opening of the 5th grade (1st level in senior high schools) in 1958, the name "Paul Gauguin" could not impose itself; the school was still called Ecole Centrale all the more so as primary and secondary school teachers used to work together in the U-shaped large concrete building which progressively replaced the former wooden buildings from 1950.
On November 15th, 1960, the institution came to be the Lycée Paul Gauguin, the first lycée (senior high school) in Polynesia and in this lycée, all the children from Polynesia could from then on sit for and pass the baccalaureat (the high school leaving certificate to be passed before moving to University), as in the past, at the Ecole Centrale, they had been able to sit for the Brevet Elémentaire (secondary school ending certificate) (1934) to be admitted to the 1st secondary grade (1949), to the BEPC (General Certificate of Secondary Education) (1950), to the carpenter Vocational Training Certificate (1952).
All the junior high schools until the 70s were annexe schools to the Lycée Gauguin which was actually at the origin of Lycée Technique du Taaone (a technical secondary school) and of Collège de Tipaerui (the junior high school next to the Lycée Paul Gauguin). So, in 100 years, the same school has received the mission of teaching, educating a great many children from the 'fenua' (a Tahitian word for home country), taking into account the evolutions of both the society and the administration of the country.
The yesterday's schoolboys have become the today's high school students.

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