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The Legend of Moua Puta - 2010
Issued on: december 9 2010
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As the legend goes, around Mount Rotui, on the island of Moorea, there was a mythical hero who was half-man half-god; his name was Pai.
The legend starts on the mountain called Moua Puta. Curiously enough, that mountain is aligned with Point Tataa, located in Paea (Tahiti) and the southern point of Raiatea (the Sacred Island).
While Polynesia was in complete darkness, in a moonless night, Hiro, God of Thieves, attempted to steal Mount Rotui. But his plan was thwarted by Pai, who had been alerted by the Creator God, Ta'aroa, the one with unlimited power.
Once alerted, Pai grabbed his spear and from Point Tataa, threw it towards Moorea. His spear went through Moua Puta’s summit, probably skimming past Mount Rotui laced with ropes that thieves, aboard their canoes, had started to pull away. This is how the two bays, Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay, were born, leaving Mount Rotui in the middle.
Pai’s spear then kept flying and stuck into the southern part of the island of Raiatea, which since then, has had particularly indented terrain.
In Moorea, the roosters, who had been awakened by the hissing of Pai’s spear, deceived the thieves with their songs. The robbers hurried up as they thought the day was about to rise. They were able to bring only a small bit of Mount Rotui to Raiatea.
This is why, if Pai had not taken action, Moorea and all the Society islands would be much farther away from Tahiti than they are today.
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