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Timbres poste
 Polynesian star singers
  Issue : avril 12 of 2001
  Printing : Offset
  Imprimerie : ITVF
  Production : Photos : éditions MANUITI COM-OPT 2001
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Marie Mariterangi
Born in Hikueru in 1926, Marie spent part of her life in the middle of a family of famous Polynesian musicians. She was referred to as the undisputed queen of the so-called "kainga" music the paumotu guitar rythms of which are so typical of the Tuamotu islands. As early as August 1955, she sang in "Les Tropiques" hotel. Then she built herself the first professional traditional dancing group which would perform each time a cruise vessel called. In August 1959, she left for Hawaii where she organized another dancing group and joined the Bora Bora bar in San Francisco in 1960. Marie Maiteragi departed from our world on April 27th, 1971. In her interpretations and love songs, she would blend melancoly, joy and sincerity.

Emma Terangi
Marie Mariteragi's little sister, Emma, was born on March 18th, 1938. She was better known under her stage name of "Emma Terangi". As early as 1956, after a promising start in Tahiti, the beautiful and talented Emma draw the public attention in Honolulu. She then went on various important singing tours in Las Vegas and in the largest American cities. Then she sang in Far-East Asia, in the outstanding European countries and later in Japan, Hong Kong and in the major South Pacific islands. A legend has gone with Emma. Along with her, her generous peals of laughter have died out.

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Charley MAUU
Charley Mauu was born in Tahiti in 1918. In the heart of his quiet district, he would dream of cinema. In 1937, Charles started his career following his encounter with Harry Chapman who directed him in the movie titled "The coral Island". Harry led him all along those years.
Later Charley made his entry in Hollywood and played in "Pagan Song", in the "Tarzan" series and in "Tematangi". There he gained fame together with many other stars such as Yvonne de Carlo, Rock Hudson, John Hall. In the field of music, his songs were published by Mickey Goldsen in the U. S. and Yves Roche in Tahiti. Until the age of 72, Charles Mauu's life had been nothing but a fairy tale.
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Bimbo Moeterauri was born in Tahiti on September 14th, 1916. Adopted by Queen Teriimaevarua A Pomare of Bora Bora, he was raised within the royal family in Arue. Rocked by the music during his whole youth, he took part in the "Juillet" or "Tiurai" festival (festive period corresponding to the commemoration of the French Bastille's Day, July 14th,1789) in which he stood out with his talent.
Enlisted in the first batallion of the French marines in 1940, during World War II, he left Tahiti and had his best musical encounter in France with Django Reinhardt. Back in Tahiti in 1946, he appeared in public at the "Tropiques" then at the "Quinns" for 10 years. In 1956, he left for Honolulu and came back home in 1957 with Yves Roche who he made lots of recording with. His favorite instruments, the ukulele, the guitar, the double bass and the drums have died out with him on May 30th, 1986.
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Eddie LUND
In 1935, as he played in Portland, Oregon, as a pianist, Eddy Lund discovered two authentic records that had him enjoy Polynesian music straight away. He came to Polynesia for some holidays in 1936 and settled down in the country in 1938. In Papeete, every Sunday morning, after some shopping at the central market, he and a group of Tahitian musicians would gather around his piano and play music for hours. Later he became the Quinn's orchestra's conductor. He has written over 400 original songs, made lots of arrangements and adaptations of songs from all the Pacific islands.
Eddie Lund, born on October 12th, 1909 on the Pacific north-western coast of the USA, departed on December 4th , 1973 while he was preparing his latest creations.
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