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Tahiti on the year 2000

Withdrawn   Destination Tahiti. For the uninformed visitor, Tahiti is like discovering a paradise, full of unforgettable colors and perfumes. It's also a gentle way of life, an atmosphere that mingles ukulele music, swaying dancers, lukewarm lagoons and relaxing tropical evenings, when the body gives off the heat of the sun.

Although visitors arrive with such ideas embedded in their imagination, this enchanting vision is far from the reality of daily life.

Living in Tahiti on the eve of the year 2000 allows one to benefit from this incomparable sumptuousness stemming from a society that is both marked by noble traditions and resolutely turned toward the future. In order to understand French Polynesia's assets, one need only to imagine a player of a "pu" shell spending his spare time "surfing" the Internet.

More than elsewhere, respect of ancient traditions exists here along with a pronounced willingness to preserve the treasure handed down from generation to generation. It is through the language, the "ahimaa" (a traditional Tahitian ground oven) or the "Heivas" (July Festivals) that the culture lives on, well rooted in the souls of the people of Tahiti & Her Islands.

In the same way, to cite but one example, French Polynesia has chosen to enter the year 2000 as an information society by providing itself with the most state-of-the-art communication tools in order to allow each resident of each atoll to become a world citizen.

Therefore, Tahiti on the eve of the year 2000 is a combination of traditions of the past and the modern world of the future.

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