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Heiva : music instruments
´Pahu, ukulele et toere´

Withdrawn   «TOERE»: the «Toere» belongs to the family of the idiophones: vibrating instruments which resonate when being struck. It is a percussion instrument.
It is a wooden drum, also name the lipped drum and is made of a hollowed out cylindrical piece of wood which operates as a resonance chamber and is struck horizontally with a wooden stick.

The «Toere» was played originally to communicate with distant populations and during funeral ceremonies, much like the «Pu». Today, it is the most essential instrument for music based on percussion; it acts as a conductor, in particular in accompanying folkloric dancing and is a festive instrument.

«PAHU» Fa'atete: the «Pahu» designates all membrane drums. The instrument here is the «Fa'atete», the smallest of the drums (pahu), struck exclusively with sticks.

In ancient times, it was used from throughout Central Polynesia: the Cook Islands, the Society, Austral, Marquesas, Tuamotu archipelagoes, the island of Mangareva in which it filled a social function and was an intrument of power. Each «Pahu» is different according to its island of origin. It is in general made of one single piece of wood and is carved from a tree trunk. The size varies with the user and this instrument is struck with the hands. In the past, it was used to announce a birth, a war or an enthroment. It is also marked the various cycles of life. The sound produced by the «Pahu» is similar to the rythm of the heart.

«UKULELE»: the «Ukulele» is a small four string guitar which was introduced by the Portuguese in the Hawaiian Islands. Later on, it was adapted by the Tahitians: it was made of half a polished coconut on which a handle was attached, to which was added 4 nylon strings.
This instrument has changed now and may include 4 to 12 strings, of different sizes. The «Ukulele» is used for all events related to our culture: the «Heiva», parties, and many other occasions.

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