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Bora Bora
From painter Aad. Van Der Heyde

Permanently unavailable   Formerly known as Vavau, the gorgeous island of Bora Bora lies about 240 kilometres North-West of Tahiti.

The main island, which is about 10 kilometres by 4, has a central mountain range, whose summits are Mount Otemanu (727 m) and double-peaked Mount Pahia (619 m). The island is mostly rocky with very little soil to cover it. The vegetation is nevertheless luxurious, especially on the western coast, but the summits remain particularly arid.

Separated from the main island by a rather deep lagoon, the small island of Toopua and the islet of Toopua Iti stand out against a most dreamy background.

The coral reef stretches out all around, with only one break, the Tevanui pass. Several motu (islets) developed all along the reef: Motu Mute is the setting of the airfield; Motu Tapu resembles a forest of coconut-trees emerged from the water and surrounded by a white-sand beach. This motu is the perfect illustration of the South Pacific paradisiacal island.

The coast of the main island is deeply rugged and the two splendid white-sand beaches of Raititi and Matira are to be found there. The bays of Faanui and Pofai gash the western coast.

The lagoon, which constitutes the wealth of this entrancing island, is filled with magnificent corals. The undersea world of Bora Bora is among the most fascinating in Polynesia and in the world. Over 300 fish species frolic about in the lagoon or by the reef.

Inside the lagoon, stone-fishing is practised; it is at one and the same time a sport, a pleasure and an ancestral ritual. For the occasion, and according to the custom, the guests are invited to harpoon or to capture with a spoon-net the most beautiful catches which will be shared during the feast.

While the music and dance are an integral part of the Polynesian life, they are literally an institution in Bora Bora. Indeed, in this magical island, there is not a single vahine who cannot dance the “tamure” and who does not welcome you with a stunning smile or a “himene” (a song).

The Post and Telecommunications Office thus invites you to get ready for an unforgettable journey to the pearl of the Pacific: the island of Bora Bora… Hei Iaorana.

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