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Miss Tahiti booklet : Edition 2021
Miss Tahiti Booklet 2021 edition

Add to cart Qty   Sixth edition dedicated to Miss Tahiti, this booklet presents 6 Miss Tahiti going back in time over 5 decades from Poehere HUTIHUTI-WILSON, magnificent Miss Tahiti 2010 (the election of Miss Tahiti 2020 could not be organized following the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic).

From a Hawaiian father and a Polynesian mother from the Tuamotu islands, she was elected Miss Tahiti in 2010. She then got involved in Tahitian dance by creating her own dance school and promoting Polynesia abroad. She also became Miss Earth-Hawaii in 2013.

Ten years earlier, Vanina BEA was elected Miss Tahiti 2000. She realized, thanks to this election, a childhood dream. She did not participate in Miss France pageant, but traveled to Greenwich (UK) for the Miss World pageant. She was 19 at the time. She then continued her studies and won several awards in the field of audiovisual production.

In 1990, Mareva GEORGES won the title of Miss Tahiti, then obtained in December the title of Miss France 1991, in front of thousands of television viewers. She then rose to the top 10 in the 1991 Miss Universe and Miss World pageants. Since then, Mareva has been the face of a perfume and has had an international modeling career. She is the wife of Paul MARCIANO, owner and creator-designer. In 2018, Mareva launched a foundation against sexual and domestic violence in Tahiti, with a prevention program in high schools. In 2020, with her husband, she created the Paul and Mareva MARCIANO Foundation, to help underprivileged Polynesian families. Mareva is an example and an icon that Polynesians are very proud of!

Crowned ten years earlier, Tatiana TERAIAMANO, sumptuous Miss Tahiti 1980 elected Miss France from “overseas”, also climbed into the top 5 in the 1981 Miss Universe pageant with the Miss Tahiti scarf. She then joined a local bank, where she pursued an exemplary career until her retirement. Tall, shy and reserved, she has remained a breathtakingly beautiful Miss Tahiti!

It was at the Taharaa hotel that Maire Léonne TEHEI married MARTIN was elected Miss Tahiti 1970 and quickly became one of the essential figures of Tahiti after her election. Of rare beauty and elegance, of all the celebrations and especially the most beautiful and extravagant, Maire was the queen. She went on her last trip in November 2020.

Teuraheimata TEUIRA married BAUWENS born in Paea, was the first Miss Tahiti elected in 1960 at the hotel restaurant "Les Tropiques". She traveled the world and danced in the famous “Heiva” troupe created by Madeleine MOUA. She then got involved in the world of crafts. Her elegance and aura inspired respect and admiration. Madame Teura BAUWENS was a true icon of Polynesian beauty.

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